Innovation Campaign Timeline

Due to the global pandemic ups and downs, the schedule of Screening, Mentoring and Roadshow arrangements will be subject to changes,

We will keep posted in the website!

Challenge Track 1

Drug Free Therapy including Digital, supplement, etc.

Identifying novel ways consumers and patients can manage their symptoms with non-medicated alternative.

Challenge Track 2

Best Sex Experience

Make sex experience more pleasurable with condom and lube.

Challenge Track 3

Green Lifestyle-Safe Effective Alternatives

Providing non-toxic home products that do not harm the environment to the green consumers or those who buy products with a responsibility towards a green and clean environment or those with a green preference lifestyle.

About the RB 2020 Innovation Campaign

As a 200-year-old consumer health, hyginene and home care focused global company, Reckitt Benckiser's mission is not to realize its business value, assuming social, environmental and financial responsibilities, finding new ways to help people take care of themselves and their family members.

From Durex to Dettol and MeadJohnson, Reckitt Benckiser always accompanies every scene of daily life and brings people a better experience through innovation. These changes are not accidental, but come from the insistence of the R&D staff and the expectations of consumers. Now, here is the time for you to join!

For this time, the RB 2020 Innovation campaign will focus on the three major fields: The Best Sex Experience, Drug Free Therapy, and Green Lifestyle - Safe Effective Alternatives. With the theme of "Putting health in your hands", we are now open the application channel for companies to jointly explore innovative ways to make life healthier and better.

If your products or services can bring a more enjoyable sex experience through contraceptives and lubricants, Identify novel solutions that consumers and patients could manage their symptoms with non-medicated alternatives, or provide non-toxic home products that do not harm the environment. This time will be the stage for you to show the ideas to whole world.

During the innovation campaign, High-potential startups will be invited to join the mentoring programs and attend the final offline pitch event on Mar 2020 in Shanghai after online application and screening finished. The winning companies of each field, will have the direct opportunity to cooperate with RB Group, obtaining cash prize RMB 60,000!

Now you can join the Challenge!

The following questions are highly relevant for us to gain a better understanding of you and your company. Please take your time and bear in mind that incomplete applications will not be taken into account.

Partner in Russia and CIS countries

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